Vail Pride Day Student Nominations


Vail Pride Day is all about celebrating our students. This year, how we celebrate our students is simply different. Many are at home learning more than they are at school. Many have not been able to participate in graduations, promotions, sports, music, or art. Our students have lost so many experiences the last nine months.

And though our students’ lives, along with ours, have been drastically altered… they have persevered. Our students have shown resilience and flexibility, served in the community, helped siblings with school work, gotten jobs to help to pay the bills, stayed committed to school, checked on a friend who has felt isolated and alone…

There are so many more ways that our students have shown resilience and heart. Let’s REALLY celebrate those!

It takes less than five minutes to submit your student nominations at

Each child who is nominated will receive a certificate with his/her nomination on it, and a few students will be chosen to star in our Vail Pride Day documentary!

Let’s show our Vail students how AMAZING we know that they are!


Heather Stough

Vail Pride Day Co-Chair