2021- 2022 High School Choice

8th Grade Families – Choose your High School!

We are at the halfway point!
The 8th Grade HS Choice Portal will be closing in 2 weeks on Friday, February 26th. Approximately 70% of 8th grade families have submitted their choices.
This is just a reminder, if you have not done so already, don’t forget to submit your child’s high school choice rankings by Friday, February 26th on https://vailhighschoolchoice.org with your PowerSchool Parent Username and Password.
If you are having trouble submitting your choices, try using a different web browser. If you need assistance with your PowerSchool Parent Username and Password please contact your school for further assistance.
The process is not first come first served. All choices and changes submitted by Friday, February 26th will receive equal consideration. You will receive an email confirmation once your choices have been submitted.
All families will be notified of final school placements by Friday, March 12th.
High school information can be found by visiting info.vailhighschoolchoice.org.
Questions about the 8th Grade High School Choice Process can be directed to:
Pam Scanlon
District Enrollment Coordinator
Vail School District