Mr. Barger – School Reopening and Parent Updates


January 15, 2021

Boxer Families,

Welcome to 2021! As we have started this semester in ‘Remote’ learning, I want to reach out to you with an update.

We are (as of today) still planning to resume on campus instruction on Monday, January 25th in ‘Hybrid’ learning. Although the public health benchmarks do not currently look good, we are aware that there is no evidence that any transmission of the Coronavirus occurred on our campus last semester. In fact, evidence from school data is pretty clear that schools are very low transmission zones.

If you would like to have your middle school or high school student continue to work from home until numbers are lower, please reach out to me via email and let me know. Please remember that the way we structured instruction for grades 6-12 allows for students to receive lessons from home. This is not the same for our K-5 students.


Please note the following schedule changes:

Wednesday, January 27th is no longer scheduled to be an early release day.

Wednesday, February 10th will not be an early release day for parent – teacher conferences.

Parent teacher conferences will happen via Zoom and will be on Thursday the 11th (early release) and Friday the 12th of February.


When we resume on campus instruction, elementary students will have the opportunity to come to campus for learning on SOME Fridays:

1/29 On campus

2/5 On campus

2/12 No school – conference day

2/19 No school – Vail Pride Day events for staff planned

2/26 No school – Rodeo Break

3/5 On campus

3/12 On campus


Our goal is to resume instruction and to avoid having to quarantine, so please make sure that if anyone in your household is showing flu like symptoms that you notify the school and keep students away from campus. If anyone in your home has tested positive for COVID or has been exposed to anyone with COVID please notify our attendance clerk, Chris Snodgrass at 879-1903, or for instructions. Following the CDC guidelines for school attendance will help keep us open, and get us through this semester.


Thank you,

Dennis Barger




September 18, 2020

Greeting Boxer Parents,

Here is the next video for students back on campus on Monday, September 21st.

Video Message:


September 18, 2020

Boxer Families,

Here is an update intended for all students and parents.

Please note, another email will go out Friday night specifically for students returning for on-campus learning on Monday, September 21st. That email will go to all, but will focus on what returning to campus will look like for families that have chosen to return.

Video Message:

Thank you,

Dennis Barger



September 9, 2020

Boxer Families,

As we move closer to the transition from ‘Remote’ learning to ‘Hybrid’ learning it is important that you understand what we have planned in order to decide which process works best for your child(ren) as we move forward.

I have created a video that is designed for everyone K-12 to explain the overview and the basic decisions made (please watch this video first).

Then, because things will be different in elementary, middle, and high school grades, a separate video was made to speak to the particulars of those grades (for those of you with children here in all three levels, I’m sorry).

When you are done watching the relevant videos for your student(s) please log into the parent survey and select the option that you intend to have your student participate in while we are in ‘Hybrid” learning: Partially in Person and Partially Remote, or Remote Learning Connected to My Child’s School (aka Brick to Click). view form

Thank you for your patience and grace as 2020 continues to evolve.



*To help clarify a few things I am providing some additional information.


1. We will continue to operate buses; however, we have added a new school and changed start times, so all times, and some routes have changed. Please go to the following link and enter your information to find out locations and times:  

2. Buses will operate with a lower capacity than usual. Siblings may be asked to sit together to accommodate maximum seating. When buses are running with larger than desired numbers additional supports will be arranged for future days (please realize we can never predict with 100% certainty on any given day which families will choose to utilize busing).



1. As per Pima County Ordinance and Governor’s Executive Order, Masks are required for all students and staff.

2. Students should bring 2-3 masks with them. They may sneeze in one, they may get their lunch on one, they may drop it on the ground and not want to put it back on.

3. Masks must fit the mouth and nose snuggly.

4. While outside AND socially distanced students may remove their masks. While eating and drinking, well that’s obvious. 

Face Covering Policy  9-15-20.docx

Middle School and High School Groups by Alphabet

1. The district is using an alphabet split with two groups: Last names A-K is one group, L-Z is the other.

2. A-K will attend school Mondays and Wednesdays: L-Z will attend Tuesdays and Thursdays.

3. Families with students whose last names begin with different letters will be assigned to one group, not two. The group will be set next week to balance numbers.


Brick to Click, how long is that commitment?

In the email you received from Mr. Carruth last Friday with the link to the parent survey, there was the language at the bottom that states, “Students who choose Brick to Click will be asked to remain in Brick to Click for the duration of the hybrid phase.” As schools make plans to reallocate staff in order to reduce class sizes, the potential fluctuation of hundreds of students is too great an unknown for the district to plan for, so please make sure you understand this and know that is it possible that we could be in ‘Hybrid’ learning for an extended period of time (that will be determined by the health metrics established by the Arizona Department of Health Services, not the Vail School District).


Email next week

Please look for an email next week from the Vail School District. Parents opting to have their students return to on-campus learning will be asked to sign an acknowledgment of school resuming during the COVID-19 pandemic and the responsibilities and expectations of returning during such a time. You will be able to sign and submit it electronically. Another first in my educational career!


July 30th, 2020

Greetings Boxer Families,

We know how the beginning of the year will start now, so please look at the video for pertinent information.

 Thank you, 

Dennis Barger



July 10th, 2020

Boxer Families,

Welcome to the start of the 2020-2021 school year!

While I know this is going to be different, I believe we are poised to make this school year effective.

Here is a short video letting you know where we are currently, and admitting that things could continue to evolve.

Thanks, and stay safe!

Dennis Barger
Vail Academy and High School, Principal


Additional Information:


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