Girls’ Basketball ~ Middle School

Coach Richard Dominicak

    GIRL’S BASKETBALL 2019/2020  


Practice: Mon- Thursday for the first week (Jan 9th-18th) at VAHS from 2:50 p.m to 4:20 p.m, once games start practices will be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays only. We have activities busses or you can pick you child up.

Games: are on Mondays and Wednesdays and start on Jan 23rd.  You will leave school at 2 p.m and take a bus to the game site and I will follow behind the bus and meet you there. Please dress out before we leave. Home games will be played at the school we are playing except Esmond Station we play them at Desert sky. On Wed Feb 6th we have a half day so that game has been moved to Tuesday Feb 5 at Corona Foothills.

Gear: Mandatory items proper footwear. Please bring appropriate athletic clothes for practice. Now that we are practicing at school we will be outside so please make sure they dress for the weather. Uniform jerseys will be provided and expected to be returned cleaned. Shorts need to be navy blue and have no pockets.  I understand things can happen but it’s important to take care of your equipment. Water: It is very important to drink plenty of water.  We will be working hard and you need to replace the resources you lose. I will have water bottles, but feel free to bring your own. Make sure you are drinking water all day. We don’t need anyone getting sick.

Attending Practices and Games: Please show up to all practices.  The only way we can improve as a team and get better is if everyone commits. It’s also the place I see who will be playing the different positions. I understand that things come up so if you are going to miss a practice or a game just let me know so I can make the needed adjustments.

Eligibility: To play in games you must have good grades. I will receive a list of players who are ineligible and you can’t be on that list. Homework and studying are very important.  If you feel like you need to see a teacher or just need some extra time to get stuff done, please bring it to practice you can do it there and at least be a part of the team if something new comes up. You are responsible for your grades and only you can be the one that keeps your grades in good standing.

Bus to Games: We play all our games at our opponents’ court.  We will be released at about 2:00 p.m and go to game site. We will then wait until it is time to start the game. During this time please bring your homework or something productive to do.  It is not a time to mess around or goof off.  Please be picked up at game location by your parent or guardian that is listed on the release form or let me know if you need a bus back to campus for parent pick-up. We will have a B and C team this year hopefully so that means 2 games. The second game usually ends around 5:15 to 5:20. Also, please sign out your kiddo’s before you leave so I know everyone is safe.

End of season party: We’ll have an end of year party to celebrate the success our team has. TBD


Contact Info: Players and Parents please use my email to contact me: I will respond as soon as I can. If everyone could send me a test email so I have your email that would be a great help.

I am very excited for the new season at VAHS and look forward to working with everyone to develop their skill and teach hard work. With Effort and Hustle and a lot of Fun this will be an awesome season.

Thank you,

Coach Rich

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