Secret Santa

Sponsored by Vail Academy & High School PTSO

Secret Santa Paws is back again this year at VAHS! Students and families often want to purchase holiday gifts for the staff at VAHS, but do not know what to buy. We know that many staff members spend their own money each year on items for the school, so have you ever considered buying jump ropes for PE? Or tissues for the health aide? Or books for a classroom? This holiday season we invited each staff member to submit “2 wishes” for items that they need or want for their classroom or themselves.

On Friday, November 18th we will have the “dog tags” (wishes) available for individuals or families to select a wish item(s). The staff member’s name will not be disclosed on the “dog tag”. This will ensure that all staff members receive a wish list item. We will place all the staff’s “dog tags” on the Dog House outside the front office. If you would like to participate in Secret Santa Paws, please take your selections to the front office so that the chosen wishlist items can be recorded. 

In addition, if you have a difficult time coming into the office, but would like to participate, you can use SignUp Genius to select a wish item. Don’t worry about duplications, we made sure that each staff member has one of their items listed on Sign Up Genius, and the other item is attached to the dog house. Just click on the link and sign up next to one of the numbers. The deadline for returning gifts to VAHS is Wednesday, Dec 7th. Please return the items wrapped (if possible) with their dog tags attached.  If you have purchased gift cards, please include the activation slip with the gift card.  Thank you for your continued support! 

If you have any questions, please contact