State of Arizona’s AzMERIT


Students taking high school level English Language Arts and Mathematics will take the State of Arizona’s AzMERIT End-of-Course(EOC) assessments that will test their proficiency in these subjects near the end of the course. Students will not be required to pass the EOC tests for graduation. Students must still earn the minimum number of English and Mathematics credits in order to graduate.

Students will be taking the AzMERIT test online this year between April 22nd to April 30th.  Students using school-owned devices will not need to do anything in advance to prepare their computers.  Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) students will need to install the application in advance.

For more general information regarding AzMERIT testing, please visit the official AzMERIT website –

BYOD Students:

If you bring your own computer you need to install an application before the day of the test. The application will need to be installed by February 23rd and you will need to stop by the tech department during the week of February 23rd to verify the installation. Please visit the following site to download the secure testing browser for the AZ Merit online test:

Students please use our school Moodle, General Student Information or